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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Your Convenience.

All our deliveries are supervised, GPS tracked and randomly audited. This offers us a chance to keep a close eye on all of the materials that we send out. In addition you are notified before the delivery goes out, giving you an extra opportunity to double check our work for yourself.

We try to get all of our flyers delivered properly in a timely manor, however some delays may arise from, bad terrain, car troubles, wind, rain, snow and other safety and reliability issues that my come up. If the delivery does get postponed for any reason, we usually schedule it to go out the following day.

We can delivery as many flyers as you want with the minimum order being 3000 pcs . 1 delivery team covers about 8k-10k houses per day. Depending on the size of your job, multiple teams can be assigned to you flyering campaign.

All the deliveries are done by adult distributors. All of your distributors are pre-screened, trained and supervised.

We usually take payment by cheque, etransfer of cash. We will provide you with a proper invoice and collect the payment at the time of the meeting.

You will be assigned an account manager who will be able to communicate with you at any point during the distribution process, to find out detailed location and other updates as your delivery progresses.

Every response is different as it comes down to what you are selling, promo message, area of delivery, timing… however our past customers have seen a return on average of about 1%

When it comes to flyer distribution, every single flyer needs to be delivered properly. We pride ourselves on providing reliable delivery service and our prices reflect that extra security level.

We will help you write the proper text, select the needed pictures and ultimately have our graphic designer come up with a unique flyer design. We will make all the necessary revisions to make your flyer just the right way.

We use a multi-step process to assure proper delivery: all of the deliveries are supervised by the manager who is in the area at all times. Every delivery gets randomly audited by a person that has nothing to do with the delivery crews. We also GPS track all of our deliveries. And we also invite you to double check the delivery on the day that its going out.

Flyers are a successful method of advertising both for local, small businesses as well as nationwide companies. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work for every business type. Marketing is an investment and each company manager or owner needs to make a decisions on what marketing method will work best for them. Keep in mind with flyer delivery just like with other marketing methods it might take a few delivery runs for customers to get to know you as a company and start actually buying from you. Choose a reputable company that has a proven track record, beware of companies that under charge and over-promise. Flyer delivery is not a simple process, go with a company that you can trust.

We have a long proven track record, happy long term customers, advanced supervision process, and we offer a touch of flexibility because we realize that every customer has their own unique requirements. We have found a perfect balance between our pricing and the amount of flyers that we delivery at once, this give you a low cost delivery method, without being too crowded with other flyers and competitors.

We currently have over 7 teams. Every team consists of 8 people. All our teams our spread out across all of Greater Toronto Area to ensure coverage of all neighbourhoods  

For these two destinations we prepack all of the flyers in clear plastic bags and then we send them out through Canada Post. Therefore business and apartments are done by the postmen. Since we pair up your flyer with 1 or 2 other flyers we are able to charge you less than the regular Canada Post price

Doorhangers take longer time to deliver, due to proper hanging on the door handles. For that reason they have a slightly higher delivery cost


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