What We Do

GTA Flyer Delivery Provides flyer delivery services door to door.

We cover all of Greater Toronto Area. If you have your flyers ready simply give us a call to book an appointment (if you don’t have your flyers ready just let us know and we will provide you with a low cost printing quote or simply visit our Print page for specials on most popular printing packages.)

Delivery to Houses & Apartments

Doorhanger Delivery

Delivery to Businesses

We offer free pick up services anywhere in the GTA

Once we come out to meet you we will have all the maps and house counts for all Greater Toronto Area. We help you pick the area that works best for you.

We will provide you with a written contract and an invoice. After which we will get the flyers from you and the payment. From that moment we take about 5-6 days of scheduling and material preparation, after which they are ready to be delivered.

When your flyers actually get delivered we usually put them together with 2-3 other flyers (no competitors in your specific industry). Our carriers go door by door and put your flyers right into the door handle or the mailbox of each house.

You are notified by email and a phone call 2 days prior to the delivery of where and when your materials will be sent out. This allows you an opportunity to go out and actually see the distribution for yourself.

We supervise all of our deliveries with GPS tracking as well as random auditing.

Call today, we will help you get new customers.

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